REFRESH Policy Workshop: políticas integradas para el desperdicio alimentario y sistemas alimentarios sostenibles en la Economía Circular
Mar 22 a las 09:00 – 16:15

Integrated Policies for Food Waste and Sustainable Food Systems in the Circular Economy  – REFRESH POLICY WORKSHOP

22 March 2019, 9.00 – 16. 15 hrs, Brussels

Final REFRESH policy workshop will discuss policy options and recommendations to integrate policies for food waste in the broader contexts of sustainable food policies and the Circular Economy. Building on the results created within the REFRESH project we bring together policy makers and experts from research, NGOs and businesses to discuss policy options for EU policies. 

In an interactive format, we will present findings from our research on various policy areas affecting food waste, and zoom into the potential role and contributions from highlighted topics. These include influencing consumer behaviour, developing voluntary agreements across the food supply chain and valorising unavoidable food waste to animal feed, fibres and chemicals. We will explore opportunities of an integrated perspective on sustainable food systems within a circular economy for the EU, that go beyond efforts to reduce food waste and include other sustainability aspects such as health and social impacts.

The workshop will take place on 22. March 2019 in Brussels at GreenBizz, a place where companies and start-ups can develop their green, sustainable or environment-linked projects.

The event is directed at policy makers at the EU level, from EU Member States and experts from NGOs, businesses and research institutes. Participation is by invitation only.





REFRESH Conferencia Final 2019: ideas frescas para reducir el desperdicio alimentario y valorizar los excedentes alimentarios
May 10 todo el día
The goal of the REFRESH Final Conference will be to showcase the results of the REFRESH project and spur future action on food waste among business, policy, research, and civil society.

The conference will use innovative participatory methods, art, and hands-on activities to achieve maximum impact. The REFRESH conference will take place on 9 -10 May 2019 in Barcelona. 150 participants from across Europe are expected.

The programme on the main day on 10 May will take place in the Barcelona Design Museum.

Preceding the conference, in the afternoon of 9 May, a selection of field trips and activity will be offered, featuring food waste innovators from business and civil society in the Barcelona area.

1. Food-for-Thought: an Interactive Dialogue over Dinner about Food Sustainability in the City

It’s not everyday you get to sit down and enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal with a guided discussion on food itself! Join us for an open & interactive dialogue over dinner to talk sustainable food and what this term actually means in the urban context. As a seasoned conversation starter on the topic, Mayya Papaya will be your host serving up some serious food-for-thought as she draws inspiration from all sorts of sustainable food examples and experiences in the city of Barcelona and beyond. Come share your impressions as we collectively cook-up an engaging conversation together in preparation for the REFRESH Final Conference! The dinner will start at 7pm at an up’n’coming co-kitchen space run by a young & dynamic couple that are real-life champions for sustainable food and living in all that they do. They will be preparing a 3-course meal using seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients and biodynamic wine to fuel the occasion.

  • Host: Mayya Papaya, Foodisms
  • Time: 19:00 – 21:00
  • Location: an up’n’coming co-kitchen space in Barcelona
  • Price per person: 45€ – including a 3-course dinner and wine

2. Food Waste Reduction at “Mercabarna”, the Mediterranean’s Biggest Food Hub – a Guided Walking Tour

We will take a guided walking tour around the Mediterranean’s biggest food hub. It operates 24 hours a day, housing more than 700 companies, with the aim of guaranteeing the supply of fresh food to over 10 million consumers. Our visit will lead us to the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, the Food Bank warehouse, which serves as a collection and distribution centre for the excess fresh food donated by the companies, and the “Green Point”, where Marcabarna’s waste is collected and separated. The companies at Mercabarna specialise in the distribution, preparation, importing and exporting of fresh and frozen products, such as fruit, vegetables, fish and meat as well as processed and semi-processed food.

  • Host and Location: Mercabarna
  • Time: 14:00 – 16:00
  • Price per person: 25€ + transportation

3. How to Preserve “Rescued” Fruit and Vegetables – A Hands-on Workshop with Delicious Results

Espigoladors will offer a 2.5 hour afternoon workshop in their kitchen where participants will learn how to preserve rescued seasonal vegetables and/or fruits using professional and traditional methods. We will try two recipes using different ways of preservation. The final products of the workshop can be taken home as a memory (but watch out – not in your hand luggage). Espigoladors is a non-profit organization that fights against food waste in and around Barcelona. They organize harvests of imperfect fruits and vegetables directly from the field and donate to charity. They also produce and sell high quality food products, such as jam, produced from rescued food. In the Espigoladors kitchen, people at risk of exclusion get a chance to re-enter the job market in a participatory, inclusive and sustainable manner.

  • Host and Location: Espigoladors
  • Time: 15:45 – 18:30
  • Price per person: TBD + transportation

4. The Gallecs Agricultural Cooperative – A Guided Bicycle Tour through the Green Lung of Barcelona, followed by a Tasting of Regional Specialties

Gallecs is a rural area located fifteen kilometers north of Barcelona, mostly used for agriculture and forestry. The agriculture has been undergoing a transformation to organic farming. As a ‘green lung’ Gallecs is appreciated by the population in and around the area for cultural and leisure activities. At the field trip we will rent bicycles and cycle through the agricultural area. We will visit the agricultal cooperative, see their activities to recover old varieties, how vegetables are grown to supply local school canteens and visit an organic egg farm and stone mill. The visit will end with a picnic-style food tasting of products from the immediate surrounding, all organic and delicious, including the infamous TOC beer. Gallecs is managed by the Consortium del Parc de l’Espai, which consists of the Government of Catalonia, through the Departments of Territory and Sustainability and of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and the Natural Environment, and the municipalities in the area.…

  • Host: Consorci de Gallecs
  • Time: 16:00 – 19:00
  • Location: Gallecs, 15 km north of Barcelona
  • Price per person: TBD + transportation




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